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We create all types of investment websites and MLM software. If you also want to create your own MLM investment website and bank website, then we are for you. We can create every type of investment website for you.

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Features of Our Daily Investment website

User Interface

The most important thing in any investment website is its interface! In our Power Bank investment webiste you get great design.


Whatever investment website desing you show us, we will create and provide you the same investment website

referral system

In the investment website that we will create for you, you will get a three level commission system . Users will get profit from this and they will share your website with more people

simple Registration

In our power bank investment website, you are going to get a very simple registration system in which the user will be able to .

Secure payment gateway

We provide you every type of payment getway added in power bank investment website.


Your users will keep getting notifications related to daily investment so that there will be more chances of getting recharge on your website.

Our daily investment website can be accessed buy any type of platform.

 daily investment website

Desktop Version

Users can access our daily investment website on all types of software such as laptop PC and Mackbook.

Web Version

Users can access our Daily Investment website on their Android browser and iOS Safari browser.

Mobile Version

We will create a Daily Investment Power Bank website for you .Users can also use it by downloading it on their mobile.

Daily InvestmentPower Bank developer

Users get lots of features in our Power bank investment website.

 Power bank investment website

In our power bank investment website user gets referral system

In our investment website, users get all types of features like they can purchase daily plan. they can purchase monthly plan. They can purchase weekly plan.

You get heigh speed and security in our MLM Investment website

In our MLM investment website, you get an agent system through which the user can check the details of the members added below him.

Daily Investment website source code

Our company provides every type of investment website.


Our company will do every type of customization for you . Whatever type of investment website you want to get made we will make that type of website for you.

SEO friendly

We will create a SEO friendly website for you so that it will be easy to rank your website on Google.

User Interface

the most important thing in an investment website is an good interface the better the interface of any website, The more people will be attracted to it.

Automatic Payment

we will provide you every type of payment gateway in the daily Investment website. Whatever Payment gateway you have, we can add it.

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Why to Choose colorpredctiondevloper. Service for Power Bank Investment Website

We are going to give you a lot of features in you power bank investment website which wil help to maintain or website

game promotion

We do al types of promotions for power bank investment website if you also want to promote your own power bank investment website, run ads on Google, Instagram ,etc. Whatever work you want to get done, we will do it for you.

Solutions and advice

We are providing you advince how to ran a successful power bank investment website

New technology

We are going to build your website on high technology so that it will be impossible to hack your website.

heigh game securty

You are going to get high security in your power bank investment website so that your users data will remain absolutely safe.

New Updates

If you work with us, we will keep updating your website from time to time.

24x7 Technical Support

We provide you 24x7 hours technical support. You can contact us any time. If you have any issue.

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Question 1: power bank investment softwere company?

Answer 1: If you want to get your own power bank investment website made then BigPlayHub Company is the best company to make this type of website.

Question 2:Is power bank investment website illegal in India?

Answer 2:Yes, Most of the power bank investment websites are illegal in india but there are come companies which are real and pay taxes to the goverment.

Question 3: How can i download power bank investment website scrip

Answer 2: If you want power bank investment website then contect this number 8708186610

Our Technology &Solution Architecture Overview

"Your Power bank investment Application with a Robust and Customized Technology Stack"