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If you also want to start your own color prediction game business, then our company has developed an excellent color prediction game for you. Our company will develop and provide you colour prediction game based on advanced high security.


Features of Our Color Prediction Game Software

Unique User Interface

Unique User Interface

We will create a great user interface in your color prediction game that will attract people to play your game.



Your color prediction game will be different from all the games running in the market in which you will get to see every type of customization.

Referral and commission

Referral and commission

You are going to get an automatic refer and commission system in this game. Whenever a user registers, he will automatically get points.

Registration process

Registration process

Registration process very easy where users only have to enter their mobile number and OTP.He will be able to play Game

Secure payment gateway

Secure payment gateway

We add and provide all types of payment gateways to you in our game.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

In our colour prediction game, you get a notification system which makes it easier for you to manage the game.

With our color prediction software, your users will be able to play the game on all types of devices.

Color Prediction Game
Unique User Interface

Desktop Version

Your users can easily play our color prediction software on laptop and PC also.


Web Version

You can Play our color prediction game software right in your browser

Referral and commission

Mobile Version

cYour users can play your game by downloading both Android and iOS types of apps.

Our Color Prediction Website ADMIN PANEL feature

You can control our color prediction game development from your mobile. For this you do not need any laptop or PC. You can access the admin panel from your phone itself.

Color Prediction Game

1.In our Color Prediction Game Development, you get a system of user management from where you can check the details of all the users.

2.In our color prediction game development software, you get the option of next prediction from where you can Set the next color, which color will come?

3. our color predction game developer provide Here you get an option to block user and unblock user from where you can block or unblock any user.

4. In the admin panel, you get an option of recharge requset from where you can check the detils of all the recharges done in your game.

5.Here you get the option to change the payment geteway. You can change the recharge system where you will resive payment.

6.There is a trade history option here through which you can check the game history of the users. Where has a user placed bet.

7.In our color prediction game software, you get an option of the amount setup in the admin panel from where you can set all the things like minimum recharge ,withdrawal, minimum commission.

Color Prediction Game Development

Today color prediction game is very popular in India. There are three colors in the color prediction game.RED, GREEN, and VIOLET. in which the user has to invest money.If the color on which the user has invested money appears then the user's money is doubled.

Easy Understand Admin Panel

Our color prediction game development company provides you a very powerful and easy Admin Panel so that you can control everything from your Admin Panel and take your game to a better level

Low and high profit

In our prediction game software , you get a feature of low profit and high profit so that you can keep your game in low profit or high profit.

Spectacular User Interface

In our colour Prediction Game you get a great user interface which attracts users to play in your game.

Automatic Payment

In our Colour Prediction game, users get both options. Automatic payment Geteway and manual payment gateway for making payments.

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Why to Choose colorpredctiondevloper. Service for Color Prediction Game Development?

" our outstanding online gaming software. Delve into the top-notch Color Prediction game development services we offer and unlock the pinnacle of gaming experiences."

Your Premier Game Studio

We have 5 years experience in color prediction game development industry.

Flexible and Customized Solutions

We provide you every type of customization, as you say, your game will be made as per your requirement. We will create a new unique design for you that is different from all the color prediction games running in the market.

New Updates

We will keep updating your color prediction game from time to time so that your game will run smoothly and we will keep adding new games.

Game Promotion

The most important thing in a color prediction game is That is prmotion. Unless you promote your game , users do not come and play your game. We will give you every type of promotion.

game Manintenance

We wil keep maintanining your colour prediction game. You do not have to pay any charges for the retiremnet and maintenance of the game.

24x7 Technical Support

You can call or message us any time. If there is issue in your game, we wil solve your problem rigth away.

Color Prediction Game
Question 1:Best company for color prediction game development?

Answer 1:colorpredctiondevloper is the best company to create color prediction

Question 2: Can I make My own color prediction game?

Answer 2: Yes you can make it. we create every type of color prediction games.

Question 3:Futur of color prediction game?

Answer 2: The color prediction game is growing rapidly. Lots of great color prediction games though. they keep shutting down form time to time.

Question 3:Should I play the color prediction game?

Answer 3: No, in this type of game it is decided in advance how many peple will win and how many will lose.

Question 4: Can I make money by making my own color prediction game?

Answer 4:Yes you earn a lot of money. But keep in mind that this game is illegal in India and it is very difficult to promote it.

Question 5: How can i promote my color prediction game?

Answer 5:You can also promote your colour prediction game through paid ads.